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Our local community speaks...

Letter received from the Columbia Food Bank:

"I have learned and come to appreciate that sometimes the simple things in life can also be the most extraordinary things.

A group of boys and girls (Scouts) collectively working together gathering 5,000 lbs. of food to help people they have never met and probably will never meet, to me is... extraordinary.

A group of individuals, separate, but working together, choosing to donate (when they could have used the money for personal pursuits) $7,820 to a fund-raising event that benefited a non-profit food bank that they may never utilize in their lifetime, to me is... extraordinary. The ExtraOrdinary Give Campaign for us was a true blessing.

That donations (such as yours) continue to come to our food bank during the "busiest time of the year," to me is... extraordinary. A "Thank You" seems too simple to express the "extraordinary" gratitude we feel for your support. So let us just say... you are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers - always.

Thanks - for - giving."

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