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Christiane Drew is a certified Life, Mental Health and Career Coach who helps people struggling with stress, self-doubt, overwhelm, and over-thinking to gain clarity, emotional control and develop a strong believe in themselves so they can live life with confidence and joy.  

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and the client, where the coach guides and empowers the client to achieve their life goals. The life coach is there to help the client implement strategies to achieve the desired results. Through self exploration to identify strengths and weaknesses, get insights on sources of motivation, obstacles, and dreams, the client is able to clean the clutter and organize ideas, minimize doubts and insecurities, develop sound and realistic strategies to move forward in different areas of life, while the coach provides accountability and support. The integration of brain-based coaching, NLP, and mindfulness techniques, among others, empower clients to enhance their awareness and acquire valuable insights.  Clients experience a safe and judgment-free space where they can freely delve into their emotions and thoughts to find the answers they are seeking.  With focus on values and goals an strategy is developed to to eliminate the gap between client's current status and their envisioned destination.  

About Christiane Drew: A positive, energetic and authentic woman, she has inspired people to embrace the unknown, pursue their dreams, and put themselves first. Having lived in four different countries, dealt with anxiety, had kids and step kids, gone through losses and starting a new career, Chris, as she's known, is familiar with the challenges to life's transitions and has designed her life as she dreamed it.  As a life coach, she considers her job to support and empower her clients through life's journey, so they can move forward with purpose and clarity.  Her goal is to help her clients see the possibilities waiting for them.

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